Using Swatch Cards for Sales and Marketing Purposes

One of the challenges many businesses face is how to show material samples to customers. It is difficult to explain a texture or to help people to visualize how different patterns, colors, fabrics, paints, or any other materials go together.

One of the easiest and most convenient ways to accomplish this is through the use of swatch cards. Working with an established swatch card manufacturer allows you to customize the look of the card to ensure it conveys just the message or the ideas you want to share.

At Sales Areas

For designing interior spaces, working with a swatch card manufacturer to create the right types of cards is ideal for future sales and marketing. In strategically designing the cards to add colors, options, patterns, features, and even textures on one page, customers can see the difference between options.

Most swatch cards are designed as a panel. These can include one or more panels, with up to five panels. There may also be a hundred or more samples per side on dual sided cards, making these very practical for displaying large selections and options.

Typically, the cards are placed in a binder. However, they can also be displayed in stands or on counters or tables to make it easy for customers to see a wide selection of options at one time.

Adding an Upsell Option

One common way to market a higher quality fabric or material is to use swatch cards that include a feeler or a with a waterfall arrangement. This allows customers to be able to see and feel both sides of the material and the different quality of options available in one convenient and central location.