Experienced Swatch Manufacturer

At Bredemeier, since 1895 we have been the premier source for state-of-the-art sampling solutions as a top manufacturer of swatch cards, fabric by the yard swatches, fan decks, binders, memos, stackbooks, and custom sampling.


Benefits of Swatch Samples

A swatch card is one of the most common ways of presenting a material sample. Swatch cards are the preferred products for designers and consumers when they need a convenient, fast, overview of the range of materials offered in your catalog.

It is so important to make a positive first impression on your customers with your product catalog. We help you make this happen as the only shop you need for your swatch product samples. We are happy to be your go-to swatch samples manufacturer, color swatch manufacturer, leather swatch manufacturer, and more.

Our Swatch Sample Products

The purpose of using swatches, stackbooks, binders, or others, is to help your customers make the best choices for their needs and increase your sales. We help you achieve these goals with our expertise. Whether you know nothing about sampling with swatches or have much experience using these tools, we can help.

As a premier swatch maker and swatch samples manufacturer, we offer an extensive line of swatch samples for the merchandise industry, including clothing, decorative fabric, drapery, and more.

We Manufacture Unique Swatch Products

With our highly skilled Project management, Graphics, and Production teams, we are committed to meeting or exceeding your marketing and sales goals.

For more information about the creative sampling products we offer, give us a call today at 773.237.1600 or complete our contact form.

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