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In 1895, E.W. Bredemeier & Co. was created by the Bredemeier family to produce button cards. As the market grew so did EWB creating gorgeous sample books and cards for the clothing and drapery fabric industries. Sampling soon became the must-have tool for merchants, from door-to-door sales to lavish showrooms.

Like so many Americans during the Great Depression, Bredemeier adapted, making whatever it could until World War II when Bredemeier contributed to the war effort producing portable materials for soldiers like mini checkers sets.

With the increasing popularity of the internet and online merchandising, many of our formerly family-owned business partners have transitioned to corporate partnerships. In the last five years business has boomed, leaving EWB like the proverbial small fish that ate the big one. 

Our client roster lists industry leaders from Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 Internationals to some of the largest grossing privately owned companies in Apparel and Design. 

Fabric Sample Swatch Card Manufacturer
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You invest in swatches to increase your sales. Our job is to help you be successful. If you have lots of swatch experience, we will complement your expertise. If you have no clue about sampling, we’ll take over and drive with you having the final say at all important points along the way. We’re good at what we do, but you’re the customer and we never forget that

HAPPY CLIENTSWhat Our Clients Say...

“Thank you for your awesomeness!” - Fortune 1000 Interior Design Manufacturer & Retailer
“Thank you for this! Loving these digests.” - National Design Award Winner
Swatch Card Manufacturer

“I received the swatch card samples today and they look BEAUTIFUL!!! Thank you and thanks to your team for getting these done, and done so well.”
Fortune 500 Global Apparel Manufacturer

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