The heartbeat of who we are. You want high-quality products, delivered on-time at fair prices and our family of production professionals allow that to happen. Of our 90+ production professionals, 15 have been with us over 20 years, 7 over 30 years and 1 over 40! Our production professionals have knowledge and they care about our customers …… we are very grateful!

Fulfillment, Collation & Assembly
We do more than make swatches. We can build your rep kits, assemble store launch sets, drop-ship to your reps, or fulfill orders to your customers. We customize these services to your needs. Please contact us to learn more.

Fabric by the Yard – FBTY
Your fabrics are awesome and desired by the design community, but FBTY can be a challenge. Turn times are long, and costs may mean you do not have competitive offerings. Our approach to FBTY is refreshing. We order and store your fabrics, process orders same-day, and reduce the costs you are likely paying. We love FBTY so please contact us to understand the details.

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Meet Our Team


As part of our Annual Growth Plan, we invest in new machinery and manufacturing technology every year. We utilize 112,000 square feet of manufacturing, storage, and fulfillment space. Located in Chicago, IL we are central to all major transportation arteries and O’Hare International airport, allowing for ease of transportation. Our Receiving/Shipping docks support up to 53” trailers, and we have daily outbound pick-ups from UPS, FedEx, and USPS. Whether you’re bulk shipping to a distribution center or asking us to drop-ship direct to consumers, we support your needs.

Project Management
You pay us to drive the project, keep you informed, and highlight any challenges BEFORE they arise. Our project managers average over 10 years of Bredemeier experience, so they know what makes a project successful and dedicate themselves to that goal.

Our Graphics Department pre-flights and prepares your artwork files for print submission. We carefully inspect each file to identify any potential concerns. We highlight those potential concerns, as well as offer, experienced advice for the most attractive and cost-effective presentation of your artwork. We handle thousands of print projects annually and understand the importance of your brand in print.

Management Services ….. From Basic to Comprehensive

Many of you have managed sampling for years; we understand your challenges. You don’t need us to tell you what to do, but you want a professional as qualified as you are to support you to manage the many things on your plate. 

You’ve never dealt with samples and swatches before, and find it crazy!. You need to deliver results, but really don’t want to (or more likely do not have the time to) become a slave to sampling.  We listen to you, develop the road map, and execute the work along the way. You have final say on the important matters, and we err on checking in with you more than less as we learn your expectations. 

You want to send the yardage to us or you want us to buy it.  – You store the rolled goods inventory or we do. – You provide the printing or we print for you. We ship the completed product to your warehouse – or – we dropship your product launches to your reps and customers. You get to choose what supports you to be the most successful. Please ask us to explain our services further by using this link

If you’ve managed sampling for years or recently had it added to your responsibilities, please let us help you be successful.

Ala Carte Services
Materials Management
You have materials but are challenged on space and organization. We have the facilities, infrastructure and staff to manage your inventory.
Inventory Planning & Demand Analysis
You have the raw data on inventory, purchasing and usage, but need someone to make sense of it so that you can better anticipate your needs and better manage your sample production schedule. For clients that do not have in-house sample staff we can provide the support you need.
Graphic & Print Consulting
You need help managing graphics/print or need someone to coordinate with your designer(s). Our graphics professionals have relationships with some of the best and most specialized paper and print houses. Whether you’re looking for iron on labels for care instructions or super durable printed card stock, our graphics and print team can provide solutions.
Creative Consulting
You have materials but have no idea where to begin on sampling or whether that is even what you need for your collection. Our project managers and production staff will be happy to review your materials and budget to come up with the best approach to exhibition.
This option is for our clients who have their own print, packaging, distribution and materials and only need the space and staff to put their swatches together. We’ve got you covered.

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