Tips for Presenting Textile Samples to Their Best Advantage

Showcasing and highlighting fabric samples in a consumer-friendly format is a critical part of any marketing and sales campaign. Working with an experienced swatch samples manufacturer helps the A&D community to display the samples for maximum visual impact and appeal.

Developing the ideal presentation for in-store or on-site display of fabrics is at the heart of creating excitement and interest for the customer. The use of memo samples and fabric samples allows the customer to see and feel the fabric rather than just looking at an image on a tablet screen.

Swatch Memos

Swatch memos or memo samples are typically assembled as ring sets. These sets can be included in a stack book, which is ideal for easy display and portability. The larger sample sizes of the memo samples make it easy to see and feel the quality of the fabrics and the detail of the print or design.

This is also an excellent choice for on-site consultations to display the fabric samples with the current carpet, wall colorings, furniture, and window treatments. Compiling the samples in logical combinations of colors, fabrics, and styles adds to the ability for sales reps to easily display multiple options for customers.

Stack Books

Binders and stack books create the potential to group different fabrics together to showcase design potential. The top swatch samples manufacturers develop these books to display fabrics, wall coverings, window coverings, leather, vinyl, and other materials in coordinated groups.

Customers can see and feel how these materials work together, helping the products to sell themselves. The right type of fabric samples and presentation inspires the customer to visualize the materials in their space by allowing the colors, texture, and quality to take center stage.