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Swatch Tags
Leather Swatches Memos
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Swatch Memos The staple of our industry! Serged, pink cut, or framed based upon your needs. With a printed ticket applied, these can be bulk-packed, collated, and assembled onto ring sets, paper-banded, shrunk-wrap, or placed into a stack book. We produce both large launches and replenishment quantities to support your needs. Swatch Tags Bredemeier produces individual swatch tag samples in sizes from 2.5” x 3” to 6” x 6”. Individual swatch tags with printed headers can be produced for all types of materials including Fabrics, Leathers, Vinyls, Draperies, Upholsteries, Veneers, and Finishes. All swatch tags are produced on our automated tag machines so that each swatch tag is the same from first to last.