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Bredemeier produces swatch stack books using several binding methods for ease of use and quality of the display. Fabric, wall coverings, window coverings, leather, and vinyl all are beautifully displayed within swatch stack books and binders.

Swatch Binder and Fabric Stack Book Manufacturer

premier swatch book manufacturer, our professionals at Bredemeier use various binding methods to produce swatch stack books resulting in ease-of-use and an exceptional quality display. Swatch stack books and binders can beautifully showcase multiple types of vinyl, leather, and window coverings.

Swatch Book Makers

Swatch Book Makers

Within the hospitality and residential markets, stacks books are the most frequently used sample book. Stack books include individual swatches stacked onto each other and bound permanently in a cover.

As a fabric sample books manufacturer, we can provide swatches in their most common form – pinked – but they are also available with straight edge cut based on the material chosen. You can stack these swatches in a single stack with all the swatches having the same width and height. Or, you can have them assembled in a vignette arrangement, allowing customers to view large scale patterns simultaneously with their solid color or smaller scaled coordinates.

We offer swatch stack books in various sizes, depending on the material used.

Swatch Binders

For a customized way to showcase material samples, consider specialized swatch fabric binders. Certain special case constructions are possible, including sandwiched printed windows, tip-in labels, and textile coverings.

As a premier fabric stack book manufacturer, we can help you combine stack books with swatch cards, waterfall pages, or digital swatches if you so choose. We can also minimize material waste when displaying a repetitive element in your fabric swatch.

For more information about the swatch book and binder products we offer at Bredemeier, your premier fabric and color swatch book manufacturer, call us today at 773.237.1600 or reach us through our contact form.

Wallcovering Fabric Sample Binder

Who Can Use Swatch Books and Binders?

Our color swatch books and binders are versatile enough to be used by various professionals in many industries. Since these can be customized per your specifications, we’ll ensure that the design and functionality suit your industry. If you’re not sure whether you need a fabric swatch binder from us, please reach out to us and let us know what kind of service you offer.

Most of our clients belong to the home furnishing industry. They usually have a catalog of fabric and other materials they want showcased to customers. That way, the latter can get a hands-on examination of various products before committing to a few ones for curtains, furniture, and other elements for their interiors.

Those in the fashion and apparel industry depend on our fabric swatch books and binders for their designs. Having samples at hand allows their customers to check out the fabrics they will wear. People want comfortable yet stylish clothes, so it’s great if they already know how clothes would feel on the skin before receiving the final product.

We also offer services to the window treatment and wall coverings industry. These go beyond home furnishing, as windows treatments and wall coverings are widely used in commercial spaces. We can work with contractors who want to create swatch books or binders of their products. With these, they can provide samples of their catalog where property owners can choose their preferred fabrics.

Other Options to Try

Swatch books and binders are more for heavy-duty use. These are excellent for companies who want to showcase their catalog in large quantities. In some cases, you might want something more portable or space-saving. Bredemeier offers other options for your different needs. Check out other products to try below.

Swatch Cards

Swatch cards are a simple and convenient method to showcase samples of your catalog to your target audience. It allows them to have a sensory experience while feeling and seeing the colors of the fabric. To ensure that your swatch cards follow your branding, we can customize these according to your specifications. We’ll consider elements like layout and design to enhance every card’s appeal.

Swatch Memos

Unlike swatch cards, swatch memos usually come in a larger size and as individual samples. These are typically used to confirm a customer’s choice from an initial pool of swatches. Since they are bigger, swatch memos allow clients to get a better idea of how the fabric or material will appear in the final product. Like swatch books and cards, swatch memos can be customized and collated using binders.

Swatch Tags

Swatch tags are smaller than swatch memos, but they serve a similar function. At Bredemeier, we can produce sizes ranging from 2.5” x 3” to 6” x 6” — whichever you need for your catalog. These can also have printed headers attached to them. You can include details like name, color, and material on these attachments.

Fan Decks

As implied by the name, fan decks are arranged in such a way that they resemble open fans. These compact swatches are bound together with a ring binder on just one end, allowing customers to easily flip through the samples. It helps them compare the patterns and materials of each swatch against the rest.


What Is a Stack Book?

A stack book is a compiled book of fabric swatches permanently bound together. Businesses can customize stack books and make fabric swatch books more personalized depending on the cut, types of material, or arrangement they want to show to their customers. These are best suited for hospitality and residential design companies.

What Is a Stack Binder?

Stack binders are similar to stack books, but they are not permanent and can still be modified over time. Using the ring binders, you can add or remove swatches for whatever reason, whether there’s new material available or another that’s no longer included in your catalog.

What Is the Difference Between a Stack Book and a Stack Binder?

Stack books are permanent and contain more material than binders. They are also much thicker since they carry your full catalog. On the other hand, stack binders are more customizable. We can modify them based on the layout or arrangement you want.

What Do I Do With Fabric Swatch Books?

Use your swatch books to showcase your catalog of materials to customers. This gives them a hands-on, sensory experience that helps them select the kind of fabric they want for their property or garment. Since they can feel the texture and see the colors, they can make more informed decisions.

Can I Customize My Stack Book or Stack Binder?

Yes, you can. When you work with Bredemeier, we’ll take into account your specifications to deliver a product that fits your branding. Stack books can only be customized to a certain degree, but stack binders can be modified since the swatches can be removed or added.

What Types of Fabric Can I Include in My Stack Book?

You can add whatever type of material you want to your stack book. As long as it’s in your catalog, we’d be happy to include it during the manufacturing processes. Whether it’s denim, vinyl, leather, or other finishes, every kind of fabric can be added to the stack book.

What Is a Swatch Card?

Swatch cards are much smaller samples of materials available in your catalog. They allow customers to compare fabric properties and characteristics side-by-side. Much like stack books and binders, you can customize them to fit your branding.

What Types of Swatches Can I Use?

It depends on the product, type of material, swatch solution, and many other factors. It’s best to consult us at Bredemeier to get advice and tips about best practices and approaches.

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