The Benefits of Swatch Memo Samples to Present Material Recommendations

There are many different ways to allow customers to touch, see, and experience different types of fabrics and materials. Swatch memos are larger than swatch tags but smaller in size than a swatch blanket, which allows them to show more of a larger pattern while still being cost-effective and easier to send to customers.

The one consideration for a swatch memo is the smaller size can make it difficult to display the full effect of large patterned fabrics. However, working with the team at Bredemeier ensures the sample is displayed to maximize the impact of the colors and the design in the swatch memo.

Easy Identification

As swatch memo manufacturers, part of our role is to make it easy for your customers and sales staff to identify the fabric or material. We create a printed ticket that can be attached to the fabric to make identification and ordering simple and easy.

Packaging and Display Options

While some swatch memo manufacturers offer limited options in preparing the swatch memos, we work closely with our clients to find the ideal packaging and display options. This includes bulk-packing, banding, creating stack books or developing ring sets to use with binders.

We are not only swatch memo manufacturers. Bredemeier also offers a full range of swatch display options. Using our binders and stacks, we can create customized groupings to make it easy for customers to visualize material and fabric combinations without having to use multiple swatch options.

If you need assistance in finding the ideal way to display swatches, contact our team at 773-237-1600.