Swatch Books Made Specifically to Your Requirements

Bredemeier is one of the top fabric swatch book manufacturers, and there are several reasons for this recognition. In addition to our century-plus experience in working with companies and professionals to create swatches for display and sales, we also offer a full range of services, including designing and creating customized swatch books to meet the needs of our customers.

Our Design Process

In our role as a swatch book manufacturer/maker, we start the process by getting a clear picture of how you need to use the swatch. For some of our clients, the swatch books need to offer large samples that allow the customer to easily visualize large patterns or unique aspects of the fabric.

Other clients may want a swatch binder that allows a larger variety of materials to be showcased in the binder. These stack books also make it easy to change out samples, group samples into colors, fabric options, or even design elements that work together.

While some fabric swatch book manufacturers tend to provide the same types of books for each customer, we focus on customized solutions. Our unique approach to full customization makes it easy to combine different swatch cards, digital swatches, or even waterfall pages in a binder or a book.

Beautiful Displays

Our goal as your swatch book manufacturer/maker is to create beautiful displays to highlight your fabric, materials, and samples. From small books to larger fabric stack books, we find the best way to eye-catching ways to highlight your products.

To get started in designing the ideal swatch book for your business, call us today at 773-237-1600.