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Swatch cards provide many benefits for businesses that need to market various types of products to their customers. At Bredemeier, we are your source for swatch card products that can be customized to reach your particular target market. As an experienced fabric swatch card manufacturer, we provide swatch cards that are designed to effectively convey the appearance and feel of your products.

Leather Samples Swatch Blanket
Samples of a leather and fabric for a upholstery of interior of the car
Folded Swatch Blankets

At Bredemeier, we are your leading swatch blankets manufacturer, producing swatch blankets of both leather and fabric. Swatch blankets are ideal display items to use within retail environments and by designers and sales reps as a great tool for selling opportunities. We commonly manufacture swatch blankets is sizes range from 24” x 24” to 54” x 54”, with any size in this range provided in either rectangles or squares.

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Swatch Memos The staple of our industry! Serged, pink cut, or framed based upon your needs. With a printed ticket applied, these can be bulk-packed, collated, and assembled onto ring sets, paper-banded, shrunk-wrap, or placed into a stack book. We produce both large launches and replenishment quantities to support your needs. Swatch Tags Bredemeier produces individual swatch tag samples in sizes from 2.5” x 3” to 6” x 6”. Individual swatch tags with printed headers can be produced for all types of materials including Fabrics, Leathers, Vinyls, Draperies, Upholsteries, Veneers, and Finishes. All swatch tags are produced on our automated tag machines so that each swatch tag is the same from first to last.

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Bredemeier produces swatch stack books using several binding methods for ease of use and quality of the display. Fabric, wall coverings, window coverings, leather, and vinyl all are beautifully displayed within swatch stack books and binders.

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As a leader among fan deck manufacturers, Bredemeier is your source for a wide variety of custom swatch fan decks to help you achieve your marketing and sales goals. These fan decks are easy to use and deliver an exceptional quality display to educate and persuade customers.