How to Structure Your Sales Kits

Regardless of the products you are selling, a sales-kit designed effectively will maintain the attention of your audience. Successful sales kits cause excitement and attract the focus and attention your sales personnel need to bring in business and promote a memorable brand. This is true when you are selling fabrics and other materials as well. At Bredemeier, we are an experienced manufacturer of sampling solutions for sales kits, including a fabric stack book, fan deck, fabric by the yard swatch, swatch card, and swatch memo.

Custom Stack Books

Whether your customers are designing a completely new interior space or selecting a single fabric, using custom stack books is an easy way to present options for the customer to view and compare between products, colors, pattern, textures, and more.

Arranging Material Swatches

Permanently bound and stacked material swatches may be presented in a stepped format to show various coordinating options together or as the same size. You can group these durable and versatile swatch book products by price, color family, material, texture, or by customized collection based on specific needs. You can also add a custom cover or case for durability and added presentation effect. An integrated handle may be included to enhance easy storage, retrieval, and portability.

From Design to Fulfillment

Regardless of whether you know what you need in terms of sales kits, or have no idea where to start, our team at Bredemeier can help. We offer services that cover your design, printing, finishing, production, assembly, and fulfillment requirements.

Our state-of-the-art equipment is capable of producing hundreds of memos and other sales kit packages in a short period of time. We are prepared to fulfill your orders quickly through our storage, management and shipping capabilities.

Reliability and Quality

Our goal at Bredemeier is to help you promote your business and brand through a collaborative process that helps us first understand your needs. We offer an approach that establishes a relationship with you, the customer, and applies our processes to communicate with you from start to finish, making sure we take care of the details that matter to you.

To learn about how we can produce the ideal sales kits for your business, including those that may include a swatch card, swatch memo or fabric stack book, call us today at 773.237.1600 or reach us through our contact form.