Deliver Individual Fabric Swatches Quickly and Cost-Effectively

At Bredemeier, we manufacture fabric swatches and other swatch products to help you with your product display and marketing efforts. The array of products we offer is extensive and includes swatch tags, swatch memos, swatch cards, swatch books, and more. As a trusted fabric swatch card manufacturer, we are your source for individual fabric swatches that are cost-effective and are readily available.

Swatch Tags

The swatch tag samples we offer at Bredemeier range in sizes from 2.5” x 3” to 6” x 6”. We are able to manufacture single swatch tags with printed headers in various material types, including fabrics, vinyl’s, veneers, finishes, and draperies. We manufacture swatch tags that are identical to each other with our automatic tag machines.

Swatch Memos

Businesses of various types provide individual material samples using memo samples which help confirm the designer’s or consumers’ material choice. Designers can provide material and product recommendations to potential customers using memo samples. Swatch memos are usually larger in appearance than samples in a catalog, such as swatch cards, stack books, or fan decks.

As an experienced fabric swatch books manufacturer and swatch memo manufacturer, we offer surged, pink cut out, and framed swatch memos according to your requirements. You can order these memos, bulk-packed, collated, or organized onto ring sets, paper-banded, shrunk wrapped, or placed in a stack book. We have you covered whether you need individual fabric swatches or large quantities for a big promotion.

Our sampling equipment enable us to manufacture a huge volume of swatch memos per hour. We make sure your product presentation matches or surpasses your expectations through the tightly controlled protocols we have in place.

Swatch Cards

At Bredemeier, we are able to produce two-sided card sampling, Windowed and Island swatch cards, and swatch cards with over 100 samples on each side onto 2, 3, 4, and up to 5-panel swatch cards. We provide exceptional quality results each time through the use of our fully automated swatching machines.

Swatch Books

Utilizing various binding methods, we produce swatch stack books for quality of display and ease-of-use. As a leader among fabric swatch book manufacturers, we are able to beautifully display wall coverings, fabric, leather, window coverings, and vinyl within swatch stack books and binders.

For more information about the individual fabric swatches and other swatch products we are able to produce for your business, call us today at 773.237.1600 or complete our contact form.