Swatch Cards & Sampling Solutions that Adapt with Your Market

Depending on the nature or size of your business starting out, you may not see the necessity of swatch cards. However, there are a number of benefits to having a book of cards your business can use. At Bredemeier, we offer swatch card and sampling solutions that can help your business grow in your market.

Swatch Cards and Meeting Market Demand

You can impress your customers with fabric swatch cards. These swatch cards are the most convenient and common method of presenting material samples. You can choose from various designs and layouts that meet your aesthetic preferences and match the brand identity of your business to effectively extend its reach.

Giving Your Customers a Sensory Experience

With swatches you can relate the experience the product provides to customers instead of having to describe what the product is like in words. Seeing and feeling the product is a much better way to communicate what the product provides in person. Swatches, including swatch card products, give your customers a sensory experience which makes them more likely to make the right purchase.

Greater Efficiency

With a collection of swatches in a card or book, you can provide customers with accurate samples of fabric, by mail delivery if needed, as opposed to in-person, and make your business operations more efficient.

Accurate Representation of Colors and Textures

Swatch cards from an experienced swatch card manufacturer can accurately and effectively represent colors to clients. Colors sent via digital means may not always portray colors accurately. Different devices can portray these colors differently. But physical swatches provided on cards will provide an accurate representation of the different hue options available.

In the same way, swatch books from a fabric sample books manufacturer, along with binders, memos, tags, and more can also help you adapt to your market quickly. These products are ideal for helping you promote your brand to your target market.

For information about the various swatch products we offer, including swatch cards and other sampling solutions to enhance your marketing and sales efforts, call us today at 773.237.1600 or use our contact form to send us a message.