Memos are the Future of Fabric Sampling

Memo samples are highly popular for fabric sampling applications. They make everything more efficient for the fabric manufacturer, fabric sample maker, and the customer. Memos can be manufactured in much less time that stack books or larger presentation pieces. At Bredemeier, as your trusted swatch samples manufacturer, we offer excellent options in swatch memo samples.

Memos are ideal for showcasing a stripe or pattern that occur repeatedly throughout a material. Fabric or wallcoverings can be specially engineered to allow for less waste and illustrate the final product in a more efficient way. Smaller samples such as tags may not be large enough to capture enough of the pattern while larger samples can be bulky and expensive to produce and ship out. The use of memos has increased and should continue to play a prominent role in the sampling industry for the following reasons.

Less Material Required

Less material is required to create a memo sample than other types of larger samples. This equates to cost savings for the manufacturer. It enables companies to use less material for sampling and more for their fabric materials.

Less Time Required

With less material required, the time to manufacture swatch memo samples is also less. We can make memos in various sizes that will utilize the full width of fabric rolls to waste as little material as possible. Memos can be pink or straight cut or have serged edges prior to labeling or ticketing them. Faster manufacturing allows for more samples to be sent to customers.

Less Expensive

The total cost of memos samples is less than other types of samples with less material and labor required. The savings are really significant when the quantities of fabric samples produced are in the thousands.

Easy Fulfilment for the Customer

Traditionally, customers would review samples in person at a physical store and choose what they want. But the consumers are more and more wanting to review their options online, relying on tag and memo samples to be shipped to their home or office. This is one reason for the increasing popularity of swatch memo sample. Bredemeier will not only manufacture swatch memo samples; we can build your rep kits, assemble store launch sets, drop-ship to your reps, or fulfill those online orders to your customers.

Excellent for Targeted Marketing

Memos are more effective at targeting customers than other larger sampling products since they can be sent out individually and are returnable. They provide a greater return on investment (ROI). It is less expensive and easier way to generate higher revenue per fabric sample.

For information about the swatch memo samples we offer at Bredemeier, call us today at 773.237.1600 or send us a message through our contact form.