Versatile and Durable Swatch Books

Stack books are used most often in the residential and hospital industries. Stack books consist of individual swatch samples stacked onto one another and placed in a cover with a permanent binding. At Bredemeier, we are your premier source for durable and versatile swatch books that allow for an efficient and compelling display of material product options for customers.

Swatch Book Arrangement Options

As an experience manufacturer of fabric swatch books, we offer swatches in the pinked standard form and also in straight edge or straight cut and serged form according to the material selected. All the swatches may be placed in a single stack, all having the same height and width. Or you may organize them in a vignette arrangement, enabling customers to review large sized patterns and also their solid color or smaller scaled coordinates at the same time.

Depending on the material chosen, we offer durable and versatile swatch stack books in different sizes. These swatch books, including color swatch book products can be effective tools to achieve better marketing and sales results. We offer sampling solutions that can help expand the market reach of your business, including swatch books.

Swatch Cards in Books for Marketing

Fabric swatch books enable you to make a strong impression your customers. They help you make an effective presentation of the materials you are offering. There are various options available with designs and layouts to match your brand identity and aesthetic preferences. As your trusted fabric sample swatch manufacturer, we have your swatch book needs covered.

Showcase Product Features More Accurately

Swatch books allow you to more accurately show the textures and products of products to your customers. The colors you can see on a phone or computer screens do not provide the proper representation of the true color, finish, and texture as physical swatches can in person. Physical swatch books will showcase your product in a more accurate and attractive display of the different color/hue selections offered.

To learn more about the swatch book products, including color swatch book options, and the other fabric sampling options we offer at Bredemeier, give us a call today at 773.237.1600 or use our contact form to send us a message.