What Everyone Should Know about Fan Decks

A fan deck is an effective tool that sales personnel often use to showcase and explain product options to customers, including elements such as style, texture, color, and product application. Fan decks with their unique design are a great tool since they are portable and an easy reference guide when on site. This sampling format is excellent for various types of products including fabric, leather, vinyl, or wallcoverings. At Bredemeier, we have you fan deck needs covered to help you display your material swatches to your customers in a user-friendly and effective manner.

Fan Decks for Enhanced Marketing and Sales

A fan deck can be one of the most effective tools used by a company to brand and market its products. These product sample displays can enhance sales for various types of companies that offer product materials and need an additional tool to market to and educate their customers.

Custom swatch fan decks are available in various sizes that include everything from multiple colors per page with many pages to just one color per page and with only a few pages. We are able to produce fan decks for various needs, including fabric, leather, and more.

Color Fan Decks

Fan decks are ideal for showcasing a large offering of colors in a compact format. They can help customers determine proper color matching for interior décor and also plan their projects more efficiently. Each page of the fan deck can show several color swatches or an independent color with space for color names or other important key features to highlight.

We are dedicated to producing exceptional quality fan decks for our customers to help them market and sell their products with greater results. With these fan deck swatches, your customers can get an effective sense of your products and the various options available. These fan decks can help your customers quickly get a sense of your brand and your products and how it can benefit their product or décor and furnishing needs.

In your search for fan deck manufacturers, look no further than Bredemeier for the fan decks designs you need to effectively showcase your product samples.

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