What is a Fan Deck and What is it Used for?

Fan decks are a convenient and efficient way to present a large variety of colors or patterns in compact and easy-to-carry format. The key feature of a fan deck is that the pages can be spread or “fanned” out, each page can have 1 to several samples applied. These swatches can be pinked or straight cut including the card stock upon which the samples have been glued. We are being asked more and more about custom swatch fan decks. With their unique design, fan decks are a great choice since they are portable and an easy reference tool on site. This sampling format is excellent for various types of products including fabric, leather, vinyl, or wallcoverings. At Bredemeier, we are your source for exceptional quality fan decks that are ideal for displaying various pattern, color, or textures of your product.

We are committed to producing exceptional quality fan decks that your customers will find extremely useful and helpful. We ensure the fan decks we create are attractive as well as functional – we can work with your creative team to ensure your piece is on brand and on budget.

Flexible Design Options

Whether you need your fan deck swatches pinked or straight cut, we are your premier choice among fan deck manufacturers to get the job done right. You can choose swatches that are either glued tight or glued partially to enable your customers to feel the product you are showcasing on the front and back sides.

We can create fan decks that allow you to display multiple colors with your fabric, leather, or wallcovering is presented in a unique and compact manner. If you have already developed a unique design, just reach out to us our experienced team will help ensure the final piece is just as you envisioned. If you don’t know where to start, we can employ our capabilities and experience to develop the creative solution you need to achieve a unique and attractive design.

Custom swatch fan decks are an ideal choice for many product presentations needs. Our team can help you understand the various options available that come with this form of product sampling.

For more information about the fad deck options we offer at Bredemeier, give us a call today at 773.237.1600 or reach us through our contact form.