Bredemeier: Beautiful Fabric Swatches Manufacturer

Swatch samples are a staple in various industries like the A&D community and home furnishing. These marketing materials help customers see and feel samples of fabric so they can choose the best ones for a final product. Not all of them are created equal though, and the poor-quality samples can affect your customer service.

You won’t have to worry about all that with Bredemeier. We are an established manufacturer of beautiful fabric swatches for any industry. Over the years, we’ve perfected our methods and gained valuable insight to create premier products for your business. With these fabric swatches, your customer will have an excellent experience while perusing your samples.

Why Choose Bredemeier?

With decades of experience in creating gorgeous fabric swatches, Bredemeier guarantees exceptional results in every project we handle. We’ve created a strong client base thanks to these products, but they’re not the sole reason why our customers remain loyal. Read on to see what makes us stand out in the field.


We understand the importance of your branding, especially with materials that customers interact with. That is why we make it a point to follow your specifications down to the smallest details. Whatever layout, design, size, and other elements you need for your swatch cards, we’ll ensure it’s on the final product. You’ll receive something that truly defines your company.


From the ring binders to the swatch cards, we ensure that every component of your swatch samples is made of top-quality materials. These products will be held by multiple customers, brought to new places, and exposed to the elements. So, they should be able to survive the wear and tear for years to come while remaining in good condition. That’s what we aim for with our swatch solutions.

Comprehensive Service

Bredemeier is not limited to making top-notch fabric swatches. We cover everything related to the project, whether it’s design, assembly, or management. In fact, we can even fulfill orders to your customers so you can focus on more pressing matters. If you have no idea where to begin making samples or if you even need one, we have creative consultants who can review your plans. All of our work embodies our commitment to achieving your satisfaction.

Serving Many Fields

Our services and products are ideal for an array of industries. By tailoring our swatch solutions according to your industry, you can get marketing materials that are suitable for your specific environment or audience. Some of the areas we serve are:

  • Home Furnishing
  • Window Treatment
  • Contact Furniture
  • Fashion and Apparel

Swatch Solutions for Your Business

Our catalog of swatch solutions contains many variations to fit your business’ needs. Whether you want something portable like swatch cards or a sturdy product like stack books, we can manufacture it for you.

Swatch Cards

Our handy swatch cards are among the smallest in our catalog. These can be individual pages or several pages that fold out. On each page, you can fit dozens of rectangular samples of material. This setup allows customers to easily compare the appearance, texture, and other qualities of each fabric. In addition, the small size makes it simple to transport to any location.

Stack Books and Binders

Stack books and binders are more for heavy-duty work. Instead of paper pages, every page of a stack book will be made of the material sample. The binding can be opened which allows for samples to be removed or added as needed. Binders work the same way, and often are utilized for swatch cards, but these use detachable rings that allow you to customize each page. On the other hand, swatch books can have a more permanent binding which will allow you to control the final composition of the samples out in the field.

Swatch Blankets

Among our catalog, swatch blankets are the largest products you can get. These are preferred by the retail and fashion industries as it allows designers to show customers the full capabilities of fabric. Because of the blankets’ sizes, these can be draped over furniture so that clients can see how the material behaves over surfaces and around folds.

Swatch Memos

Swatch memos are smaller than a blanket but larger than a tag. They are completely made of the sample material and usually have an identification label attached. These can be bound, collated, or shrunk-wrapped for whatever needs your business has. In most cases, swatch memos are presented to a customer who wants to finalize their decision. Since they’re bigger than samples on a swatch cards, these provide clients with more information about a material’s properties and design.

Fan Decks

As implied by the name, fan decks are arranged in a way that resembles an open fan. Each panel contains a few rectangular fabric swatches, and you can customize how many you want to include. Since these decks are small and compact, they can be brought to exhibits and other locations to show prospective customers. The fan decks allow quick and easy scanning of the available materials in your catalog.

Let Bredemeier Handle Your Swatches

As your trusted swatch manufacturer, we at Bredemeier make it a point to follow your specifications and address your needs. So, if you want a comprehensive swatch book for your boutique or swatch card set for an exhibit, we’ll take care of it. To get started with a project, please get in touch with us today.