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Billard Clothing Fabric Samples Cards
Leather Card with Leather trim
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Tshirt Swatch Card
Double Swatch Card
Sample Fabric Swatch Book
Matted Card
Color Fabric Swatch Cards
Leather Swatch Card
Round Matted Card
Waterfall Vinyl Swatch Cards
Felt Speciality Swatch Card
Die Cut Sample Swatch Card
Apparel 4 Panel Swatch Card
4 Panel Leather Card
Apparel Swatch Cards
Upholstery Island Swatch Card
Apparel Swatch Card with Trapezoid Samples

Swatch cards provide many benefits for businesses that need to market various types of products to their customers. At Bredemeier, we are your source for swatch card products that can be customized to reach your particular target market. As an experienced fabric swatch card manufacturer, we provide swatch cards that are designed to effectively convey the appearance and feel of your products.

Leather Samples Swatch Blanket
Samples of a leather and fabric for a upholstery of interior of the car
Folded Swatch Blankets

At Bredemeier, we are your leading swatch blankets manufacturer, producing swatch blankets of both leather and fabric. Swatch blankets are ideal display items to use within retail environments and by designers and sales reps as a great tool for selling opportunities. We commonly manufacture swatch blankets is sizes range from 24” x 24” to 54” x 54”, with any size in this range provided in either rectangles or squares.

Collated Set of Swatches Memos
Color Swatch Card Design for Interior
Fabric Design Book
Pink-cut Swatch Memos
Leather Swatches Memos
Swatch Cards Memo
Collated Long Fabric Memos
Swatch Tag Box
Pink Cut Swatch Tag with Hole
Shearling Speciality Clothes Peg Tag
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3 Leather Swatch Tags
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Wall Tags
Swatch Tags
Leather Swatches Memos
Color Swatch Cards

Swatch Memos The staple of our industry! Serged, pink cut, or framed based upon your needs. With a printed ticket applied, these can be bulk-packed, collated, and assembled onto ring sets, paper-banded, shrunk-wrap, or placed into a stack book. We produce both large launches and replenishment quantities to support your needs. Swatch Tags Bredemeier produces individual swatch tag samples in sizes from 2.5” x 3” to 6” x 6”. Individual swatch tags with printed headers can be produced for all types of materials including Fabrics, Leathers, Vinyls, Draperies, Upholsteries, Veneers, and Finishes. All swatch tags are produced on our automated tag machines so that each swatch tag is the same from first to last.

Fabric By The Yard Services

Many people want the design fabrics you have to offer. However, there are challenges involved with producing and securing fabric by the yard (FBTY). The costs of the process and the long turnaround times can have a negative effect on your competitiveness. The approach to FBTY we provide at Bredemeier is helpful and highly effective. We order your fabric by the yard swatches, perform same-day order processing, and minimize your expected costs.

Buy Fabric By The Yard Swatches

If you are searching for fabric by the yard options, we have what you need. There are literally thousands of fabrics sold by the yard in this category. Designers and architects utilize fabric by the yard to specify and sell new projects.

For your next project, consider the various patterns and colors available with fabric by the yard services. FBTY is ideal for materials used to design new curtains, reupholster chairs, and more. You can purchase fabric by the yard for a price that fits your budget.

Serving Your FBTY Swatch Needs

We are here to help you with all of your fabric by the yard swatch needs. Our team can advise you on your options and help you obtain the swatches you need in various materials.

For more information about the fabric by the yard swatch options we offer at Bredemeier, call us today at 773.237.1600 or leave us a message through our contact form.